Why Montessori should arrange a beautiful birthday party along with some useful toys?

Montessori education is mainly to encourage the students on their activities and to help them learn how to explore the whole world. Apart from all of these, preschool or Montessori should maintain some participation related to the kids such as the arrangement of birthday parties of the children or involving them with some activities by providing some brilliant toys.

Birthday is meant to be celebrated and children of small ages always hold the excitements on their birthdays. The teachers of Montessori Rolling Hills, CA try to arrange the birthdays of each kid present in the school. It is not only a celebration of an occasion but a celebration of a child's development. Some meaningful lessons are provided by throwing the party. Montessori Rolling Hills, CA asks the parents of the birthday boy or girl and also asks them to contribute a small amount and share some feelings during the occasion so that their kids can feel more special on their big day. There are some rules which are maintained during the event. They are discussed below. Have a look at it.

  • At the beginning of the party, all the students gather in a circle and the centre of an attraction, the birthday boy or girl sits with the teachers. In the middle of the circle, teachers place a beautiful cake representing with some candles. Even they decorate the whole room with balloons too.
  • Then after cutting the cake, the birthday kid distributes some chocolates and soft toys to his or her other friends which helps to learn them how to share things with others.
  • After distributing process, parents of the birthday kid share some feelings and experiences which help to boost them and make them special.
  • And there is always a number rod of three or four units which represent the age of the child and the rod is placed exactly in front of the child. It introduces how to count.
Toys are the other things which are compulsory in Preschool Rolling Hills, CA and birthday party and toys are related to each others. Toys stimulate the kids for experimenting with things in Montessori. But the toys have to that type of skilful object first. There are some toys which are actually considered as Montessori toys and they are always there in Preschool Rolling Hills, CA.

  • Block crayons are one type of useful toy which help them children to play with various types of colour combinations. It gives a lesson of a wide range of tones and colours to the kids.
  • Phonetic reading blocks help to build the confidence of the kids to become successful readers. By using this toy, kids rotate the blocks and create some new words.
  • Multiplication board helps the children to visualize the concept of multiplication by placing numbers.
  • Crystal mining kit helps the kids to go through hand activities which gives fun about crystals and makes them understand the differences of each crystal.