Why Kids Are Cold Magnets And Remedy Of Cold In The Rainy Season

On average kids under age three catch a cold almost every alternate month. The immunity system of children remains low maximum time. Runny nose, cough and cold, and sometimes a slight fever is common in children, especially in the rainy season. This infection may spread from one kid to another as they do not have proper hygiene sense. They play with common toys, play materials in school and neighborhood and do not know maintaining social distancing. That is why preschool children frequently catch a cold.

With the onset of the rainy season, kids become prone to cold. This is because the damp air is more conducive to the spread of the bacteria and viruses that causes sore throat, runny nose, cough, chest congestion, headache, and fever. All these are symptoms of the common cold. Moreover, children are fond of the rainy season. They want to run in the rain like to jump in the puddle in Peppa Pig style and catch raindrops in their hands. Even a toddler spreads her hands to touch the raindrops when she sees them for the first time. In one word, the charm of rain is ‘irresistible’ to a child. That is why they remain wet maximum time in this reason and the obvious result is to catch a cold and visit a pediatrician.

But a helping assistant in a daycare Rolling Hills Estates CA tell that every time the kids catch a cold, parents need not take them to the doctor if the matter is not so serious. Simple home care with good food is enough to heal the disease.

Home Care :

Keep children warm and dry all the time. Tell them to change their clothing as soon as they get wet. Check whether they have dressed properly as continuous rain brings the temperature down. Reduce the speed of the fan or tell them to wear a jacket to keep the body warm.

Advice your kids to avoid direct contact with seek person. Cold is caused by a virus. For this reason, avoiding direct contact with someone who already is suffering from it should be avoided to stop transmission. Tell your kids to wear a mask when they catch a cold or they visit a seek friend’s house so that they do not get affected and at the same time do not affect others. Washing hands with antiseptic soap is mandatory after coming back from a seek friend’s house to stop the transmission of the virus.

Apart from maintaining these habits, you can make some immunity booster foods for your children at home. Ginger bay leaf tea is excellent for the remedy of cold. Boil a piece of ginger, bay leaves, and some palm candy in water on low flame for half an hour. Strain the tea and offer hot ginger tea to your children so that they do not catch a cold. Chicken garlic soup is another immunity booster as garlic has antiviral properties. Citrus fruits like lemon, orange, strawberry also boost immunity to children. Give them warm milk mixed with turmeric twice daily to keep them healthy.