Why early exposure to problem solving is important for a child's growth

Life as we know it is evolving with every passing year. It is becoming a little more complex than it previously was. The world your children will inherit would be more complicated than the one we have had to put up with. They would be asked more questions and would have to find a way around their complex problems. In the wake of such facts, it is imperative that your child has great problem-solving skills. The lack of such skills will create obstacles in his/her overall growth in later life. That is why you should opt for a Montessori Rolling Hills, CA that lays enough stress on building problem-solving skills.

When we grew up, we were ever so dependent on our parents to solve all our problems. The smallest of problems were discussed with the parents and they were the ones in charge of solving them. But times have changed, and they are more demanding than ever before. To prepare an ideal citizen of tomorrow, it is important that small initiatives are taken whereby the child is able to solve his/her problems or at least have some solutions at the back of the mind. While such skills need to be nurtured at home, the initiative should be taken at the pre-school or Montessori Rolling Hills, CA that your child is visiting.

Now, the question is : how does a pre-school or Montessori help in building such skills? Well, there are many innovative approaches taken on by reputed educational institutions. One of the most popular approaches is mingling story-time with problem-solving sessions. Finding this hard to grasp? Well, let us clear the air. Suppose, the teacher is reading out the story of Little Red Riding Hood and once the story is over, the teacher asks students to tell the story from a different perspective. While one student is asked to retell the story from the perspective of the wolf, another one is designated the role of grandmother. This forces the children to think differently and find out ways to project their own story satisfactorily. When confronted with such a situation, the child has to think of ways instantly. Many children fail at the first attempt, so the teacher perseveres until most of the children have honed the skill.

But the exercise does not stop at this, the teacher thinks of new scenarios to sharpen the problem-solving skills of your children. At times they are asked a simple question and tasked to provide three alternative answers. With regular practice, the students get good at this and their answers are more logical than the previous day's. Again, this is a good example of having not one but different option available for a single situation. And it would come in handy when they have to take hard calls later on in their life.

There is no hiding from the fact that primary education forms the crux of an individual’s personality development for adult life. This is why you should choose nothing but the best Montessori Rolling Hills, CA school for your child.