What Are Sight Words? Why Pre-Schoolers Should Learn Them?

If you are a parent of a toddler, it is your responsibility to help your kids develop basic reading and writing skills. Children in Child Care Rolling Hills, CA, and kindergarteners should identify and read the sight words properly to develop their reading and comprehension skills. Sight words help children to build a solid vocabulary. Kids will also understand that reading is not only about saying words but also knowing what the words mean.

What are sight words?

Sight words or high – frequency words are the words that most commonly appear in the text and young children feel encouraged to memorize these words. Though these words appear quite frequently in our everyday vocabulary, these words are not easy to figure out using phonetics. So, it is impossible to learn these words just by their sounds. Children should be provided with enough opportunities to learn to read these words by sight – without having to stop and sound out or decode. Sight words are often taught by letting students memorize or re-read words from a list, or through a series of worksheet activities.

Why kids should learn sight words?

Quite often Preschool Rolling Hills, CA teachers meet parents who want to know the importance of learning sight words. There are some valid reasons to teach sight words to preschoolers. They are as follows :

Builds a solid foundation for vocabulary :

When children learn to recognize words by sight, it helps them to build a solid foundation of good vocabulary. Sight words will also appear in advanced books. So, children will continue to use them in their higher classes also. Once they learn this technique to memorize new words, they will be able to apply the method in learning more complex words.

Gives them confidence:

Children feel more confident when they can read most of the words on a page and they attempt to read the entire book. Once they become confident readers, they would want to read more and more books.

Develop the reading habit :

As they learn to memorize sight words, they can identify them instantly on a page and comprehend the meaning. They do not always have to look for the meaning in the dictionary, hence it would not disturb their flow of reading. Child Care Rolling Hills, CA, teachers have observed many kids getting better at reading and developing a habit of reading books.

List of some common sight words for pre-schoolers :

The most commonly used sight words lists are called the Dolch list and Fry list but the Fry list contains more modern words than the Dolch list.

Some sight words from Fry list : Time, them, has, go, write, will, these, the, you, your, other, had made, may, more, were, what, number, people, I, from, etc.

Some sight words from Dolch list : away, play, three, two, see, run, said, play red, little, look, me, my, etc.

Parents and teachers have to work in collaboration to help children learn sight words. Teaching sight words to children is very important as it improves their reading, writing, and communication skills.