Ways To Limit Your Kid’s Screen Time

While having unrestricted access to technology may keep your Preschool going child occupied, you don't want them to spend too much time in front of the screen. In today's screen-obsessed society, however, placing restrictions on TV and video games for youngsters isn't always simple. Here are some parent-tested guidelines that you may follow to determine how much screen time is appropriate for your children.

  1. Be a role model for healthy electronic usage at home : You as a parent must set a good example for your children when it comes to screen time. Before you binge-watch your favorite series, keep in mind that your own time spent in front of a screen is setting an example for your children. Leaving the TV on all the time as background noise or scrolling through your phone whenever you have a free minute may not be modeling the screen-related behavior you want to see in your children.
  2. Know your Electronics : Today's children are technologically aware. The fact is they are more knowledgeable about gadgets than you. Parents must keep up with the latest applications, games, and social media platforms as well as trends. You can't teach your kids about the perils of social media until you have learned about it. Similarly, if you don't understand how certain sorts of media (like violent video games) are rated, you won't be able to prevent children from consuming them.
  3. Set “technology-free” zones at home : Rolling Hills Estates, CApreschool teachers suggest parents create zones in your house where technology is completely forbidden, such as cell phones, portable video games, and laptops. One example is your home's dining area or kitchen, which you might use for meals and family gatherings.
  4. Set aside unplugging time : Schedule time for the entire family to disconnect from their electronic gadgets. An hour before bedtime or during dinnertime are two instances. When everyone agrees to put their devices down, it allows your family to spend focused, quality time together.
  5. Use parental controls : You can use tools to keep your Montessori-going children away from explicit content on the internet and television. You can set up parental controls on most routers, online browsers, and televisions to filter or prevent inappropriate information. If your children have smartphones, you may use the built-in settings or download applications to build content filters. You may also ban certain websites, web searches, or even terms with several of them.
  6. Keep screens out of your child's bedroom. : You won't be able to keep track of your child's screen time if they have access to gadgets that are out of sight. As a result, you may wish to make it a rule that no televisions, video game systems, and computers are permitted in your child's room. This also applies to mobile gadgets that your children may be enticed to use late at night, potentially disrupting their sleep.
  7. Do explain why you are limiting screen time : Your kids will be far more inclined to obey the limits you establish if they understand why you're restricting your family's screen time. If your children believe you are "being cruel," they may oppose or disobey the rules you are attempting to impose. When you are having this conversation, make sure that everyone in your family is included and that everyone understands the boundaries that have been established.