Ways To Build Your Child’s Social Skills From Home

While replicating the social skills learning without the help of peers and classmates seems to be tricky, these easy activities focused on storytelling, listening, and interacting. These activities will always keep your child engaged socially all day long even at home. Around the kindergarten age, social skills become the building block for the kids that help them to navigate the world around them. Here are a few things that are taught at Montessori Torrance CA, for a better environment.

  • Dealing with disappointments.
  • Showing and sharing self emotion to others.
  • How to respond to other people.
  • Taking turns in different stages of life.
  • Listening without interruption ad making eye contact with each other.
  • Playing fairly with everyone.
  • Accepting losing ad winning and behaving properly with others.

Although it is not possible to do all these things in isolation, we can try and pick the slack of what our kids love to and what they are missing by engaging them with various activities at home. This can be highly beneficial for their social awareness.

Perspective talking

This is a very simple activity and all you need to do is identify the thoughts and feelings of others which can be done by watching television as well. This can also be done while playing role plays and activity games with your child. You can organize a puppet show and let the puppets talk to each other sarong their thoughts, feelings, and emotions. Good Dinosaur, the Incredibles are perfect film options for talking through feelings and emotions. These activities are perfectly carried out for the kids at child care Torrance CA

Taking turns

Even for those parents who have one single child, you can still practice taking turns with your child. Come up with a unique item or bring out a toy that is only used on special occasions that your kid always wants to play with. At Montessori Torrance CA, special toys are given to the kid’s turn by turn so that they can learn the process of sharing and socializing with others.

Playing board games

Playing board games is the most probable way to teach your kids to learn how to socialize with others. This is because you have to keep patience and wait for your turns. Games like Gofish and UNO are highly academic board games that help in the faster development of your child. Keep in mind to choose something that will entertain your child and keep them interactive without getting bored.

Scavenger Hunts

This thing can be done virtually with your child and their friend at home. Instead of telling your child to find the items that are scattered, come up with a riddle that your child has to solve along with your friend. At the child cares and Montessori’s playschools, several such scavenger hunts are organized for the kids that help to improve their cooperative skills. Though it may take some time for you but will help in the faster development of your child in terms of socializing with others.