Top Five Simple Spring Activities For Kids

After such a long and cold winter spring is finally here. It is the season of green and growth the weather warms back up and the sun stays up later. It is neither too hot nor too cold outside nor it is the perfect time to get those kids outside. After a long winter with bitterly cold temperatures in most parts of the USA, and lots of time spent inside, children become more excited to get outside into the sunshine, get dirty and be active. A childcare specialist in Palos Verdes Estates, CA thinks that the most important point of spring outdoor activities is that child gets plenty of fresh air, sunshine, and vitamin D exposure and in addition gets an opportunity to exercise even today when we are practicing physical and social distancing.

In different Daycare and Childcare in Palos Verdes Estates, CA, caregivers and authorities take necessary steps so that kids can get involved in different types of outdoor activities. They also request parents to spend adequate time with their children so that their children can get involved in different outdoor activities in spring.

Walking and Riding:

Nature remains in the most beautiful state during spring. Flowers bloom and breezes start to blow. To appreciate and enjoy nature take your child on a walk or bike riding. Smells the flowers and leaves, stares at the eye-soothing green grass, and listens to birds chirping. A spring nature walk is a fun way to discover the first signs of spring.

Go Fishing:

Fishing is a great activity that the whole family can enjoy and do nearly anywhere there is water. Everyone may not have previous experience of fishing, but do not get afraid, you will get every minute details and expression if you go through the internet. You may consult any of your fishy friends also. Visit a local bait shop and you will get everything you need for fishing. Your children will surely enjoy it especially if they get a chance to land a fish.


Reconnect your kids with the wonder of nature by showing them that a tiny seed can grow into a plant. Just prepare your backyard to plant the garden. Sow some seeds in the yard or put some saplings in pots and keep them on the balcony. Children will get thrilled when they see the seeds germinate or the flowers bloom. To make them more interested, choose seeds of your child’s favorite fruits and vegetables. From gardening not only do your pre-schoolers develop motor skills, but they will also learn about environmental science and ecology.

Fly a kite:

Spring is the perfect time for kite flying. Most parts of the US remain windy in spring and windy weather is the perfect kite-flying weather. Chose a location with a wide-open expanse of land and air and reach there with your Kids and colorful kites. If your neighbors have children invite them and encourage children to challenge each other to kite acrobatics

Play in the rain:

Encourage your children to play in the rain. See who can make the biggest or most stylish splash. Make mud pies. Encourage your kids to float a boat made out of recycled items, paper, twigs, and leaves.