3 Easy Animal Crafts for Preschoolers

If you have a toddler at home then you must have experienced that kid’s love spending time doing art and craft. In fact, coloring, painting, cutting, pasting, folding activities are very useful in developing their motor skills. Art and crafts also help children become more creative and imaginative. Daycare Torrance CA teachers allow kids to do various types of crafts as it is a very useful medium of self-expression. So, if you also want to do some craftworks with your kids, here you can find some easy animal craft ideas for preschoolers.

Easy Animal Crafts for Kids:

Kids, who see animals mostly on television or in cartoon shows, will enjoy doing these animal crafts and you can also have a gala time in assisting them in their efforts.

A Lovely Bear: A bear is a quite common animal, to begin with since most kids would be aware of its shape and sizes looking at their teddy bears at home.

  • Scissors
  • Fevicol
  • Toy eyes
  • Soft sheets of different colors
  • Empty toilet paper roll
  • Roll one soft sheet around the toilet paper roll. Instead of using the soft sheet you can even paint the toilet roll also using sketch pens or paint.
  • Draw one big and one small heart on the pink-colored soft sheet and cut them accordingly.
  • Cut out one circle to be the fact of the bear, some strips to make hands and legs, and some tiny circles to make paws.
  • You can cut some small circles to stick to the bear’s paws for added detailing.
  • Stick the face and other body parts to the paper roll. Glue the eyes and the small heart in the place of the nose.
  • Now, stick the big heart in the center of the roll. Once sticking all the body parts done, your bear will be ready.

A Playful Cute Snake: According to the preschool teachers of Torrance, CAif kids are scared of the rubbery snake toys in the shops, making this cute snake would make them feel more comfortable.

  • Black marker
  • Black color foam sheet
  • Green colored thick thread
  • Orange and green colored beads
  • First, tie a knot at one end of the green string and hold the other end and start putting in the green beads one after the other.
  • Follow up with the orange bead and tie a knot on this end as well. Let the remaining string as it is.
  • Cut out a forked shape tongue from the foam sheet and glue it on the orange beads. Draw eyes with the black marker.
  • Your kids can now pull the string and carry the snake around the house.

A Cuddly Octopus: In Child Care centers kids make this octopus and feel encouraged to explore the world of sea animals.

  • White paper
  • Empty toilet paper roll
  • Soft paper (grey)
  • Sketch pens and glue
  • Wrap the grey soft paper around the toilet paper roll.
  • Cut out 8 tentacles from the white paper.
  • Use sketch pens to add detailing to the tentacles.
  • Draw a face on the toilet roll.
  • Stick the tentacles on the base of the roll and the octopus is ready.