The Significance Of Limiting The Screen Time For Your Child

With roads becoming unsafe for children to play, with parks becoming clustered, with the increased concrete jungle and lack of space, children are resorting to the idiot box and the smart gadgets to provide them with respite.

From an uncountable number of cartoon contents, to even learning material found on the internet, from the elements of a plaything to becoming the element of education, what is only increasing is the screen time for children.

That is why most of the Childcare Torrance CA promotes among children the need to limit the exposure to screen time by channeling their curiosity towards physical and imaginatively engaging activities. Let's go through the significance of limiting the screen time of children.

Although some screen time, as we have already mentioned, is educational, too much of it can negatively impact the child's development. It may create an impact on the over well-being of the children as well. So, if you do not limit the screen time of your children, your child may run the risk of the following,

  • Inconsistent sleep :

The more screen time a child has been exposed to, the more likely it is that it will frustrate the sleeping pattern of your children. The risk will be increased if the child watches TV before going to bed or the YV is kept in their room.

  • Obesity : Children who only seem too interested in their digital life, namely watching cartoons on TV or playing video games, may run the risk of being affected by obesity. Children who spend an excessive amount of time in front of the screen will be less active, becoming tougher for them.
  • Lack of attention span : Excessive use of media will lead to difficulties with them maintaining attention in school. Moreover, it may lead to hyperactivity and behavioral issues as well.

While parents tend to have very little control over the amount of entertainment media that is available online, they can surely make an effort to limit the impact on the exposure. So here are some tips that many caregivers in Daycare Torrance CA suggest, which you can employ to limit screen time.

  • Children under the age of two should not be exposed to any screen time at all. The first two years are the age of development for their brain, so they are critical to interact, play hard, and learn. So, no TV, smartphones, or any digital media.
  • After that, you have to limit the screen time to only two hours a day. This includes any electronic devices. Activities like puzzles, craft supplies, and other coloring books will enhance their creativity while keeping them engaged.
  • You have to create a screen-free zone in your home. So, in that time, your home has to be free of a tv, computer. You can mandate such a time at an appropriate hour.

Lastly, remove any kind of screen from your child's bedroom. In that way, they will not develop any unhealthy habit of falling asleep on TV, and limiting the background noise while sleeping will do their health good.