Some Summer Outdoor Activities Ideas

Summer vacation is approaching and it is challenging for parents to keep their children entertained over the long summer break. Big children can find entertainment of their own. But if you are a parent of small children then Daycare caregivers suggest that you need to make a plan on how to spend time with your children during long summer vacation so that they enjoy the whole vacation and do not get bored.

According to a Montessori Rolling Hills, CA, which gives stress on the ultimate happiness of the children, parents should spend quality time with children during the long summer break. They give some outdoor activity ideas to parents and think that there is no need to get bored when there is a whole world of the outdoor play waiting for them. Moreover, these outdoor activities with the children make the parents-children bond stronger.

Take a walk with your children early in the morning or in the afternoon heat outside is comparatively less. Take them to a nearby wood and make them introduced with flowers, birds, butterflies, and animals of nature. Teach them the name of the flowers, trees, insects, and animals. They will learn many things.

Go to a swimming pool or sea beach and enjoy the day. If your toddler does not know swimming gives them the lesson to swim. This long summer break allows enhancing their swimming ability. Make a sandcastle when you go to the beach. Buy all beach accessories and escort them to the beach. Teach them how to make a sandcastle or other ocean craft. Children enjoy it. Or you can play a flying disc on the beach. You can tell your children to practice their target with the disc. Children love to get wet. Keep a movable rubber water pool in the garden. Fill it with water and let them play. Children like to play with water. Besides, getting wet in the pool helps to cope with the summer heat.

During the long summer break involve your children in outdoor gardening. Gardening is a good exercise and makes children busy for a long time. It is educational as teaches many new things to children like the name of the plants, why the leaf is green, from where the flowers get such beautiful colors and many more things. Moreover, gardening helps to develop new skills like responsibility, patience, self-confidence, etc. but before involving them in gardening, make sure that your garden is a safe place with suitable equipment, tools, fences, gates, and paths for children to use.

Give them a bucket of paint, a pair of gloves, and a brush. Children will like to paint anything - fence, gate, or any rock that are kept idle in your garden. Or you can tell them to wash the fence of your house.

Montessori teachers in a kindergarten in Rolling Hills, CA, think that outdoor activity is excellent and it helps to get adequate vitamin D from sun rays. But be sure that your children consume an adequate amount of fluid while remaining outside so that they do not become dehydrated. Do not forget to apply sunscreen on them and give them an umbrella and sunglasses for use.