Preschooler Fun Activities for Literacy

Literacy is more than something just learning to read. Also, it includes children interpreting and understanding what is being read, as well as composition and writing skills. It is long-term process skills don't just develop overnight.

If you want to literate your kids you need to start it from an early age. Preschool Rancho Palos Verdes, CA experts have noticed many things in their years of experience. Here we have mentioned some points that will help you to understand the importance of mixing in preschool learning activities with the usual fun and games, but who says you can’t do both at once? We have explored the internet to find the best literacy activities for preschoolers to add to their weapons.

Have a look:

Kick the letter cup

We suggest you do this pre-K activity for your kids you can these Fun Learning activities combine letters with sports. Write a letter and take a stack of plastic cups. Line up the cups in a row, spreading them out a bit. Give the child a small soccer ball (or any softball), and instruct them to kick the ball toward the letter cups. Once the child knocks a cup down, tell them to speak the letter name on the cup. For a more advanced version, say the first letter then see if they can aim for the corresponding cup.

Colour sorting letters

Practice the letters and colors together with this childcare activity from No Time for Flashcards. You need a printable rainbow with some colored label stickers and a marker. Write one letter, use the marker to write one letter on each circle sticker. Give the child the sticker sheet, and tell them to peel off each sticker, say the letter, and adhere it to the part of the rainbow with the matching color. It helps your kids to work on color discrimination, letter recognition, and fine motor skills.

Alphabet pillow jumping

If the kiddos need to burn off some energy, this letter activity from our experts will be perfect for them. Use a stack of paper plates, and write one giant letter each. After that use the packing tape to secure each plate to a pillow and spread them around the room. Kids should attempt to jump from one side of the room to the other without touching the floor. Ask them to say the letter or letter sound as they jump to each new pillow.

Connect-the-dots with letters

When the kid has grown, then they become familiar with the letter activity that will get the little ones moving and their creative juices flowing. Connect-the-dots get corrected when you write a repeating letter in random patterns down a length of butcher’s paper. Kids easily connect with the letters in any way they like so long as all of the G’s are connected to the other G’s and many others.

Alphabet knockdown

That is the fantastic letter recognition game, especially suggested for kids who love knocking things over. The preparation is minimal and only needs some popsicle sticks, a pool noodle, and letter stickers. Once you write the letters on their pool-noodle feet, call out a letter, give your child a ball, and see if they can knock it down!

Final words

These are some points you need to consider to literate your child. Also, you can choose our Child Care Rancho Palos Verdes, CA, for the best result. We have a professional team to cater to your kids.