Preparing For Montessori? Here Is A Checklist To Help You Out.

With the vaccination gaining speed, it is only months before, hopefully, everything goes back to normal. This is especially important especially for families with small children who should have been admitted to a Montessori in Rancho Palos Verdes, CA last year, but was postponed due to the pandemic. If you are one such parent and waiting eagerly to send your young ones to a Montessori, here is a checklist to follow before the D-day arrives.

To start with, do a fresh assessment of the Montessori you selected last year. Many things need to be changed once schools reopen, and there are specific CDC guidelines on that. Hence, you have to make sure that the Montessori you had selected (but not admitted your child in), is following those guidelines. If not, then it is time to do a fresh assessment of Montessori and daycare centers near you. Make sure you finalize locations that are following the guidelines thoroughly, and offering extra facilities like online classes, in case there is a shutdown again!

  • If you have to search fresh, then take a look at the shortlisted locations. Most won’t offer onsite visits due to the restrictions, while some offer visits in pre-appointed time in small batches. Others offer a virtual tour of the centers. Whatever way you do, please make sure you check them out, and as said before, check if they have implemented the guidelines from CDC or not.
  • Once everything is selected, and the admission is done, it is time to shop for school supplies. Do take your little one with you as this will increase his or her interest in going to school for the first time. Don’t forget to buy masks and other PPE supplies. The school your child will be going to will also give you a list of things he or she will have to wear when attending classes. As for masks, it will always be better to buy a couple of more as the child may lose them.
  • Next in the checklist is the immunization record of your child. Most schools will ask for that and won’t allow the child to attend if the immunization records are not up to date. Along with that, a medical history of the child will also be requested by the Montessori or Day Care center. You can also prepare information regarding the eating habits of the child (especially if he or she is allergic to something), foods he absolutely hates, and also naps time. You can also mention little things about him or her like what kind of toys he or she likes, how to calm him or her down, etc. Keep all this information together so that you can present it as a folder to the Daycare in Rancho Palos Verdes, CA your child is going to.
  • As the day nears, make sure you start preparing your child for this new change in life. Try sleeping early and wake up early so that you can reach the Montessori or Day Care in a comfortable time. It will be better if you do some trial runs to see how much time you need to reach the school from your home.