Outdoor Activities For Kids During Rainy Days

Remember our childhood when we played in the rain in the street or on top of our home and enjoyed delicious snacks? Likewise, we must suggest you don’t waste your day at home; just go outside with your kids and enjoy outdoor activities. To make your rainy day more sparkling with your kids, the Preschool Rancho Palos Verdes, CA team has mentioned some outdoor activities for kids during rainy days.

Let's read it out :
Splash in Water Ponds

This is one of the easiest and most enjoyable activities for kids you can try this. Also, there is no age limit. Enjoy this with your whole family.

Make Mud Pies

It can be great fun for kids because they always like to play with mud and water. They will enjoy making mud pies. When it rains, the dirt becomes smooth and soft, making it easy to dig. Don't forget to add flowers, leaves, sticks, rocks, etc. to your mud pies. You can try some Nature Art with mud pieces if you want.

Go for a Rainy Day Walk

On a rainy day, one of my son's favorite activities is to bundle up, pack umbrellas, and stroll into town. Would you think they could go long distances through the rain? Without being critical! They can, and your staff probably can too. There is practically no preparation or planning needed for this activity. Although we could do it at any time, the rain adds a particular and novel touch.

Rain Wrangling

Collect some used pool noodles, straws, funnels, pipes, bark, and other materials. Next, scan your yard to find any areas where water is dropping or draining. Can the rainfall be redirected or collected by redirecting it into a single container? You may subsequently utilize the rainwater you've gathered to irrigate your plants if you save it.

Float Your Boat

Maybe you have also tried this in your childhood. You may float miniature toy boats (or twigs and leaves) and observe how they move in puddles and trickles of flowing water in your yard or park. Encourage children to build dams out of salvaged materials. If you can't find a suitable puddle, create one on your own using a big cookie sheet with a rim or a plastic container.


These are some activities you can try with your kids on a rainy day. The Daycare Rancho Palos Verdes, CA team also suggests you focus on their health during outdoor activities. We all know that the rainy season comes with lots of germs and diseases. So when they come in after outdoor play, ask them to wash their hands with germ-free hand wash, change their clothes, and then enter the room.