Necessary Winter Skin Care Tips For Children

Winter will be here within a month. Already the temperature has started to go down especially at night. Within a few days, we will all experience the low temperature in the daytime also. Winter will come in its own way and winter means Christmas and vacation. Just because it is chilly outside, you do not have to keep your kids indoors. Enjoy the vacation along with them.

In winter there is a long winter vacation in America and vacation means outdoor activities and traveling. Winter means lots of fun and frolic and activities. A preschool Rancho Palos Verdes, CA teacher tells parents that if they think to do adventure outside with kids, never forget to take adequate skin protection of their children. We all face the effects of winter air on our hands and face maximum because these two places remain uncovered maximum time. Children’s sensitive skin is more prone to damages. Chapped lips, windburn, itchy skin, etc., are common winter skin damages.

A visiting dermatologist in a Daycare Rancho Palos Verdes, CA, shares some best tips for protecting young skin from the weather elements.

It is necessary to keep the skin well hydrated. Children drink less water in winter. Because of the cold temperature, they feel less thirsty during this time. But the air is chill and dry outside. The air blots water from the body and makes skin dry. So it is very necessary to keep skin well hydrated from inside to avoid chapped lips, dry and itchy skin. How will you keep your skin hydrated? Serve them more liquid food. They may not feel thirsty and will not take drinking water happily. Serve them different types of hot soups which will keep them hydrated and at the same time will comfort them from the outside chill weather.

The simplest winter foundation for protecting your child’s skin from cold is dressing them well. Make sure that kids wear a scarf, hat with masks that covers lips, especially on cold windy, days so that it protects your child’s face and lips from becoming red irritated, and dry. Provide them with insulated gloves to protect against chapped or frost-bitten hands.

Over-washing and using too much soap, though the baby soaps are mild by nature, makes the skin very dry and chapped. So it is best to bathe your child when it is absolutely necessary. Do not use very hot water for bathing purposes, though it is cold outside, because hot water damages skin and hair. Wipe their skin dry.

Ample use of cold cream and moisturizer on a child’s skin is needed because in most of America winter is dry. Moreover, this cream and moisturizer create a thin protective layer on the skin and the skin does not come in direct contact with chill and dry air. So, if you want to keep your child’s skin healthy, consult a dermatologist and according to his advice massage cream or moisturizer on the whole body after their bath.

Winter means lots of outdoor activities and do not forget to use sunscreen when they are out in the sun. But, be sure that you use sunscreen specially made for children.