How To Teach New Vocabulary To The Kids

For every kid, learning new words is very exciting as well as challenging too. Most of the kids observe the elders talking and pick up words from there. However, the speed of learning is not so well in the classes of the Montessori Rolling Hills, CA.

So, the teachers come up with some interesting techniques that will encourage the children to learn, memorize and retain different words in the classroom. Check out the important as well as interesting ways that are used in the Montessori Rolling Hills Estates CA.

  • Drawing : For the younger students of the Montessori Rolling Hills Estates CA, drawing is a very important way to teach new words. There are coloring pages and picture books through which the children can visualize the things and in this way, it will be comprehensive. You can try this with flashcards as well. You can draw with your little one if you are blessed with creativity.

  • Acting : You can create small acts or skits to create interest for your child. You have to act out the words to memorize them vividly. Even the teachers of the Montessori Rolling Hills, CA prefer this method to teach new words in the classroom.

  • Word Game : Without spending time in lame traditional teaching method you can play a word game with it. There are many word games suitable for toddlers that they will enjoy immensely. You can describe a word without taking the name and your child has to guess it and vice versa.

  • Word Of The Day : In most of the schools, the teachers select one single word for a day. They design the day’s activities so that the child will be familiar with the term. When they have the retention of any particular word many times, it will help them to memorize it in a better way.

  • Brain Storming : Ask a question to your child for which he has to think deeply to find out the answer. For example, you can ask him what is the thing that we use to drink water or what is the name of the yellow animal we saw in the zoo last Saturday. If you continuously so this for many days, the kids will learn many words by themselves.

  • Videos :Videos: When you cannot avoid screen time, make some good use of it. There are many videos that teach new vocabularies to the kids. Make a habit of watching those videos from which they can pick up new words.