How to Raise Your Child to Be More Eco-Conscious?

If you want to live in this world peacefully and healthily you have to go green. Unless we preserve our nature and conserve our natural resources, we will destroy the healthy living of this earth soon. Sometimes environment-friendly parents forget to take their children to accompany them in their eco-movement. However, Montessori experts suggest that childhood is the best time to teach them to love nature. Perhaps the best possible way to raise your child nowadays is to raise him as an eco-friendly kid and teach them to take the responsibility to make this earth a healthier planet. This article will give you a few tips to make your child a more nature lover.

Spend time with your child outside in nature as much as possible. Teachers of Montessori school advice that parents should accompany their children to walk in nature at least one day a week as there are so many children parks in the Rancho Palos Verdes, CA. Choose the weekend for an outing. Spend time in nature. Let them be introduced to different trees and plants. Teach them to love animals and birds. Teach them the name of plants, birds, and animals. Enrich them with more knowledge like what those animals eat, what those birds eat, how the environment affects the growth of the forest, etc. Tell them how pollution affects nature.

Gardening is a wise step to make your children a nature lover. Let them play with soil. Encourage them to grow indoor plants as well as outdoor plants. Preschool caregivers in Rancho Palos Verdes, CA tell that let children consult books on gardening or to follow the internet to make gardening more effective and enjoyable.

Encourage your children to reuse or recycle things so that they can reduce plastic waste which is dangerous for this earth. Tell them to use a reusable tiffin box and water bottle when they go to school or camp organized around Rancho Palos Verdes of CA.

The teachers give importance to saving the water resources of this earth. A small step can do a lot more things. They say to tell your child to turn off the tap when they are brushing the teeth. Make sure that they have turned off the tap after washing the hand. Train them to use water in the time of bath as little as possible.

Make them understand that wasting food nowadays is an offense. Tell them to take that much food on their plate that they will be able to eat. Encourage them to finish their food to reduce waste. Teach them to preserve excess food so that they can eat it later.

Tell them to save energy by switching off the light, fan, and AC when they are not in the room. Also, encourage them to use sunlight as much as possible. During the daytime when there is adequate light they should use sunlight. Encourage them to sit by the window to use natural light to read books in the daytime.

Limit the use of cars and encourage your child to do cycling and to walk. These practices save pollution. Besides, walking and cycling are a good exercise to keep them healthy and fit.