How To Make Stronger Relationships With Siblings?

There are lots of families where the relationship between siblings is only borne out of conflict and fighting. So, as parents, it is your responsibility to create a strong bond between your kids for their better growth and development. If you have noticed a hard time between your kids, now is the time to do something for them. In this blog, the Montessori Torrance, CA team has mentioned a few tips that will help to foster your kid’s relationship.

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Don’t interrupt the happy play

Hope you heard the adage "never wake a sleeping child". As with this, we feel "Don’t interrupt a happily playing child." That will always help the siblings to play well together. We always like to support parents by helping them with whatever they are doing and trying to not interrupt until it’s unavoidable.

Define the tone for closeness from the beginning

If you are about to welcome a new baby into the family, always tell your tempted older child to stand back from them. Yes, this is very hard to do or keep away from your elder child from their clumsy hugs and kisses because it is the key to creating a strong relationship between siblings. So let them cuddle but also keep watching. Tell them their younger brother or sister needs basic baby care.

Begin before the siblings are even born

How you talk about them in front of their sibling influences how they interact with the new one; and there are numerous ways you can assist them in developing a strong relationship with siblings.

Help kids channel energy into bonding activities

Direct them toward activities and games that make use of each sibling's strengths. Build a fort outside rather than a Lego castle inside if one of your children has trouble staying still. Making an obstacle course or baking cookies are two more activities that work well for twos. For posting on the bulletin board, see if you can get kids to snap images of each other having fun that you can print out.

Check your emotions when the kids argue

When your kids are having a toy-related quarrel, it's normal to have agitated feelings. You might feel prompted to remove the offending toy from the home or to make everyone gather in their corners. Exercise caution. Young children look to their parents for cues on how to resolve disputes and deal with strong emotions. Your children will internalize the message that unpleasant emotions are bad and problems are solved by hiding out if you are quick to remove the toys and employ time-outs (in separate corners).


Sibling relationships always matter in every child's growth and you need to consider it as an important task a preschool in Torrance, CA is a place where you can send your child for better growth if you don’t have enough time to spend with your children as working parents.