How to help your child identify the numbers?

Numbers play a significant role in a kid’s development. It helps to work well in mathematics and problem-solving. That is why you must teach your kids the number. Here, the Preschool Rolling Hills Estates, CA team has mentioned how you can help your kids identify the numbers.

Let's read them out carefully:

Start with the simple things

This is the first and foremost important part of stating any kind of thing. When it comes to helping your child identify numbers, start with the simple things. You can start by identifying the initial numbers, like 1 to 5. Most preschool centers allow kids to learn the starting numbers and focus until they learn them properly without any fumbling. The youngster can also benefit if you show them things or drawings and then point out the numbers written on them. These actions will assist your youngster in learning to recognize numbers and in connecting that number to a specific thing or amount.

Play with the number of toys

It is suggested by the expert that kids can learn best when they start playing. Due to their ability to manipulate objects, hands-on learning is by far the best method for children to learn their numbers.

But you can't simply count aloud to your toddler and expect them to understand the concept of numbers. By playing with toys, they can see, feel, and understand what each number means.

You can pick out some educational toys to aid you as you raise your young child. Keep in mind that for kids to learn, playing with these toys is essential.

Point out the numbers on street signs, houses, or other locations

It will assist your child in beginning to distinguish the appearance of various numerals. Call your child's attention to house numbers or phone numbers on billboards, for instance, as you drive or stroll through your area.

Point out the numbers on remote controls, clocks, and thermometers when you are at home.

When talking about numbers in regular discourse, stay consistent. Your child will learn number recognition more quickly if you use numbers to describe things and point out numerals in their environment more frequently.


These tips will help your child identify the numbers, and your baby will do better in their academics. If you don’t have enough time to invest in your kids because of your busy schedule, you can choose our school of Montessori in Rolling Hills Estates, CA, for their better growth. For more details, you can connect with us; we have the best team to focus on your child's holistic growth.