How To encourage Montessori-inspired Healthy Habits Among Children

Honestly, the children learn best when they are comfortable with the atmosphere. And it is their home that can be their best learning space. In the Preschool Torrance CA, the kids are guided to follow some healthy habits along with academic growth. However, it is the duty of the parents to go with the same guidelines of the Montessori philosophy at home.

It is very natural that the kids don’t have the basic hygiene sense. They often pick up something from the floor and put into their mount. As the result, they get sick from the contamination of germs. Not only the teachers of the school, the parents also need to take active steps to teach the children to follow the most hygienic and healthy practice.

The Montessori follows five elementary habits that include washing hands, deep breathing, safety practice, exercise and proper diet. The child will remain healthy and happy when they will follow these guidelines at home as well.

1. Washing, Brushing and Cleaning: We all know that washing the hands ensures the prevention the transmission of illness. Always encourage your children to wash their hands after they go to washroom, coming back from outside, before preparing a meal or eating. Whenever they come from outside whether from school or from park, the first thing they must do is washing the hands. In the Montessori, the teachers also show them how germs contaminate the body and make us sick. They ask the kids to keep their fingers away from the noses and mouth. The elementary program also includes brushing properly to maintain the oral hygiene of the kids.

2. Safety Practice: The Montessori program teaches the kids to handle any emergency situation. They are demonstrated how to dial 911 when things are not in control. However, before that they are trained to understand the crisis situations by giving different scenarios and let them decide whether it is an emergency or not. They are also instructed to maintain basic safety guidelines regarding electronic appliances and other potential hazardous items.

3. Deep Breathing: To keep the children happy and healthy, deep breathing is an excellent way. Every day, they are asked to take three deep breathe through the nose to keep the body warm. It is a great way to calm down the little kids to have a strong nervous system. The fresh oxygen that goes into brain with the breathing helps them to think better and learn new things quickly.

4. Healthy Diet: The plates of the little munchkins should be full with color and nutrition. In the Preschool in Torrance CA, the kids are served different fruits and vegetable each day so that they have health benefits. The seasonal fruits and vegetables will build the immunity, strengthen the muscles and keep all the organs like lungs, stomach, eyes and brains healthy and fit. Each and every colorful vegetables and fruits have exclusive benefits. Keep them away from the processed foods as they rarely have any food value. As the parent, if you can keep them away from sugar, you are successful than 85% of the parents out there.

When you will follow all of these Montessori-inspired healthy habits for your children, they will grow vigorously without any ailment.