How to connect your kids with birds?

There was a time when I woke up in the morning to the sound of a twittering bird. Nowadays, we have become very busy, and we don’t have time to focus on nature. Can you imagine that 1120 bird species are found in the 50 US states and the District of Columbia, and 146 species of them are only found in the U.S. territories?We must tell you that childhood is the best age to build a connection with birds and nature. In this post, Preschool Torrance, CA experts have revealed how we can build a relationship between kids and birds. Have a look:

Go outing in nature to see the birds and creatures

There is no need to have the luxury to be a part of it. Just visit the nearest park where the birds come. Tell your child about their species and quality. We are very sure that your child will connect with them and love to see the birds daily.

A Beginner’s Curiosity

Always try to show some new birds to your kids that will make them curious to know more about them and see them. If an outing is not possible, you can show them in books or especially use the technology in this technological era to connect your child with birds.

Offer them the tools

Provide the tools are not about scissors or axes; give them a notebook or lots of pencils. Teach your little naturalists to use binoculars or a spotting scope. Let your child discover new things by offering them the tools of the trade. We must suggest you record their thoughts and observations; it will be helpful for future appreciation.

The power of observation

You can show them a picture and, after some time, you can ask about the color and spots on the bird to know their observation power. If they will answer correctly, that means they are keen observers who can try to connect with the creature.

Ask your child to teach you about birds

Don’t be surprised! Not like that, but ask them about the birds and know whether they are aware of them or not. Also, if they tell you something is incorrect; correct them with your knowledge. Encourage their wonderment and appreciate them teaching you about the creatures and anything else they have noticed in nature.

Final thought

Childhood is a time when we learn deeply and never forget what we have learned. That is why this is the perfect age to teach your child about nature and let them be a part of it. Nowadays, parents are becoming very busy and don’t have the time to teach their kids about nature. The Montessori Torrance, CA team recommends you focus on your child's holistic growth to make them a good part of society. Also, you can leave your child at our place for better care. If you are looking for the same, you can connect with us.