How Pets Help To Grow A Child

Most of the preschool children beg for pets. They want a kitten or a bunny or a doggy as their birthday gift that they can cuddle and play with. But, parents often hesitate to bring such a gift to their home by think that whether pets are good for small children. Pets often suffer from different diseases. The main concern of parents is whether this disease will spread to their children. Moreover, when they bring a pet at home parents have to bear some extra responsibility. All these things keep parents reluctant to gift a pet to their children.

At Palos Verdes Montessori parents are requested to allow their children to keep at least one pet because the caregivers of that kindergarten think that there are so many benefits to owning a pet. Creatures, large and small give delight and teach the most valuable lessons – to love and to be loved. Pets offer a special kind of companionship to children. Pets teach children valuable life lessons like responsibility, trust, Compassion, respect, and patience.

Preschool Palos Verdes Estates, CA admits that though they encourage pets for the benefit of the children, it becomes a huge responsibility for parents and it becomes an extra burden or liability after finishing their own work. So they tell that if your child asks for a pet, talk with them about the responsibility and the permanency of owning a pet. The pet will get old one day and will they still want to care for the animals because at that time old pets will need more care and they may have to visit the veterinary doctor frequently because of health different purposes. No matter how committed they are at the time of getting a pet, be prepared that you have to give a backup push when they will not or cannot continue to care for the pets.

But most of the child psychologists all over the world emphasize on child’s having a pet. There are so many benefits that pets provide for kids.

  • One of the major benefits of having a pet is that it teaches children an important life skill – responsibility. Pets require food, water, and love. Some of them need exercise too. Pets also need grooming and bathroom time. Tasks such as walking with a dog and cleaning out the rabbit or kitten not only teach them responsibility, it teaches them a sense of achievement too. Moreover, walking with a dog make the leg muscle of your children more strong.
  • Having a pet reduces loneliness and isolation. It improves the social skill of a child.
  • Children who play with pets are less prone to common allergies, infection and asthma. It also helps to reduce blood pressure. Pet owner children are basically healthy and require fewer visits to doctors.
  • Pets teach children the circle of life. Dealing with the death of the pet can actually help them cope with other challenges in their future life.
  • A pet in the family makes the family bond stronger and closer.