Helping Shy Students – How Preschool Teachers Make Shy Kids Friendly

Children are different by nature. While some are always eager to mix and play with others, some children are shy. These children take time to warm up and never relax in the company of others. Shy kids prefer to sit back and watch others play. When attending preschools, they avoid social interactions and have problems in making friends. Teachers from Daycare Rolling Hills CA take particular care of such shy students and help them to gain confidence in interacting with others.

How teachers help shy children to interact with others?

All children are not the same, and most teachers know that some are shy and prefer to stay alone. There is nothing unusual in this. However, as a part of growing up, they need to develop social skills and mix with people. So, teachers of Montessori Rolling Hills, CA take up various methods to help shy children comfortable.

Create a warm environment

The preschool instructors try to create a warm and friendly environment where shy children feel safe and loved. Since in most cases, fear makes children withdrawn, it is important to know what makes these kids so afraid. Discussions with the parents help in understanding their nature. Moreover, such open talks also enable the teachers to approach the kids in the right way.

Make the children talk

Teachers at Daycare Rolling Hills CA never force any child to talk. Instead, they allow them to silently play with others. Over time, these kids get into friendships and start opening up.

The teachers use another interesting method to make the children communicate. They ask them to share their favorite TV series or cartoon character and create small plays based on those characters. Even shy children show interest in being part of these dramas, and they get friendly with others.

Pairing children

This is another strategy that works well with playschoolers. The teachers pair children and ask them to participate in games or solve puzzles. Games like sorting items also help the kids to talk with each other.

Acknowledge their efforts

Rewarding children boosts their self-esteem, and so, teachers praise children when they perform tasks like speaking on a particular topic or joining in group activities. Such positive behavior encourages the students to speak up more often.

Encourage them to take up different activities

Children are the happiest when they are involved in their favorite activities. Daycare teachers urge kids to take up a hobby. Pastimes like dancing, singing, playing any particular sports, or drawing inspire children to try their best. They also start making friends and sharing their ideas.

Preschool teachers must be patient with their pupils. Giving them time to feel comfortable is the key. Being forceful doesn’t work with shy kids.

Preschool teachers play a crucial part in the formative years of kids. Teachers of Montessori Rolling Hills, CA shoulder this responsibility by understanding the needs of the children and being compassionate. They constantly keep a watch on the students and boost their progress.