Fun Ways to Develop Early Numeracy Skills

Children’s first few years are the time of rapid learning and it is a fact that babies have an innate capacity to understand numbers. You must be surprised to know that parents play a key role in developing children’s numeracy skills from an early age. Developing early numeracy skills give children a foundation for their learning and development. It also prepares them for daily life, including general problem solving and handling money. Experts from Child Care Rancho Palos Verdes, CA say that through some fun activities and games parents can help children to develop their early numeracy skills.

Out for a walk : You can take your child outside for a walk and look for opportunities to talk about maths in the environment. While walking, you can ask some basic questions like 'how many flowers can you find?’ or ‘how many wheels are there in your cycle?’ if you are in the park or garden encourage your kids to collect leaves or flowers and sort them by size, shape or colors.

Math experiments at bath time : have you ever imagined that measuring cups from the kitchen can be a great bath time toy. As children love playing with water, ask them to explore how many small cups it takes to fill the big cup. Here you can also talk about the concepts of full/empty, half/quarter, heavy/light or Some/more. Discussions and exploration of volume and fractions will help them understand that math is logical, predictable and fun.

Playing board games : games like snakes and ladders, dominos and Uno are helpful for kids to build numeracy skills. Recognizing the numbers, counting the steps and taking turns are all related concepts of maths that can be developed through playing games.

Shop in maths concepts : children love helping their parents in shopping. You can take them to supermarkets and ask them to count numbers of items, compare weights, sizes and volume. At home, you can make the shopping list with your children and let them check off each item as you buy. Asking some basic questions will motivate them to help you with shopping. For example, you can ask, 'can you please bring 5 apples? Or the biggest tub of yogurt?’ Here you can also discuss total bill amount, currency and balance. In Child Care Rancho Palos Verdes, CA caregivers set demo shopping counters where children can buy things with fake money to promote numeracy skills among them.

Be a cook : cooking activities are fantastic for discussing weight, volume, number, size and time concept. While cooking you can let them measure the ingredients, estimate which size pan or bowl is required for the preparation and set the timer.