Foods Kids Should Avoid In Rainy Season

The monsoon season is a period when we observe the rains cleansing the soil and the life that emerges as a result of them. Children and adults alike like the delightful smell of mud after it has rained. Even getting wet in the rain, especially for kids, can be a lot of fun. Despite all of the positive aspects, the weather can change quickly, and it is well known that rains can bring with them a variety of viruses that can cause infections and disorders. Here is some information that we hope may assist you in keeping your child healthy during the rainy season. Your children's immunity will improve if you make sure they eat a nutritious diet.

According to the Daycare teachers, children should avoid these foods during the rainy season :

Oily and fried foods - Fried foods and other foods that require or contain a lot of oil are not very healthy as it slows down the digestive tract. During monsoon, it is very vital to maintain a healthy digestive system. Fried foods are hard to give up, but it is important if you want to keep your child healthy this season.

Goals and Ice lollies - Ice golas and ice lollies may be made with unpurified water by street vendors. If your youngster can't live without ice cream, instead of allowing him to eat contaminated ice cream, make some homemade ice cream for him.

Fish and kinds of seafood - Not only can fish become ill in the humid monsoon weather, but it is also the time of year when most fish species reproduce. This will affect the flavour and quality of the fish you receive. At this time, it is preferable to eat more poultry.

Salty foods - Rancho Palos Verdes, CA paediatricians suggest parents not to give salty foods to their kids during monsoon. Eating salty foods during the monsoon increases a child's risk of water retention and sluggishness. As a result, it's best to use salt in moderation. Although you should never eat too much salt, you should pay special attention to your salt intake during humid weather.

Curd - Curd has cooling characteristics, which makes it unsuitable for use during the monsoon season when people are more susceptible to developing colds. Sinuses will also be aggravated. Stay away from lassi and other curd-based products.

Some dairy products - Child Care experts believe, while drinking milk is permitted during the monsoon, other dairy products might spoil quickly in this environment. Its nutritional value may be affected as well. To be safe, always verify if the dairy product you're about to use is still good before using it.

Soft drinks - Fizzy drinks deplete the minerals in our systems, resulting in decreased enzyme activity. This means that if your youngster drinks soft drinks, his digestive tract, which is already susceptible to digestive problems during the monsoon season, will get weaker, increasing his chances of becoming unwell.

Keep your children hydrated with fresh, clean water at all times throughout the rainy season, as it may become contaminated. Water is essential for human health since it strengthens organs and enhances general health. Your child will grow stronger as a result, and he will be able to fight viruses as effectively as possible.