Engaging Activities to Teach Kids' Idioms

Idioms are an essential part of any language, and teaching kids idioms can be a fun and interactive way to help them understand the nuances of language. You can do lots of things to teach your kids with different kinds of activities. In this blog post, the Preschool Rancho Palos Verdes, CA, team has mentioned some exciting activities that can make learning idioms enjoyable for children while expanding their language skills.:

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Using cards or paper, make a list of frequently used idioms for this exercise. As the others make educated guesses as to what the phrase means, each youngster takes a turn playing it out silently. This game helps kids learn the idioms' figurative interpretations while also fostering their inventiveness.

Story Time

Request that every youngster write a little narrative utilizing a minimum of three distinct idioms. Urge them to apply their creativity and meaningfully integrate the idioms. After that, ask them to share their experiences with the group so that there may be a debate on the definition and application of each idiom.

Idiom Pictionary

Children can draw realistic depictions of different idioms on paper or a whiteboard, evoking the famous game Pictionary, while others attempt to determine what they mean. Through the learning of new colloquial terms, this practice improves vocabulary growth and strengthens visual thinking abilities.

Idiom Scavenger Hunt

Make a scavenger hunt where children must locate items in their surroundings or in books they are reading that symbolize particular idioms. Getting "a piece of cake" or "a needle in a haystack," for instance as youngsters connect abstract language with real-world items, this practice fosters critical thinking.

Idiom Theater

Assign an idiom to each small group after dividing the kids into them. Students are required to write a little play or skit that meaningfully and creatively uses the given phrase. Children may learn idioms through this practice, which also fosters creativity, public speaking, and collaboration.


Idiom education for children may be a fun and educational experience full of laughter. You may support youngsters in developing their language abilities while also encouraging creativity, critical thinking, and collaboration by implementing these fun activities. Choose our Daycare Rancho Palos Verdes, CA, team for your child if you want better growth and development for your child.