Dealing With Your Preschooler Under Lockdown: 4 Tips To Help You Out

With more and more states going for compulsory lockdown, it is not sure when your child’s Montessori Torrance, CA will open. So, you must start developing a routine for your pre-schooler at home so that he doesn’t lag when the Daycare Torrance CA will open eventually. To help you out, here are some tips, use them as applicable to your situation:

  • First and foremost, develop a routine. Just because they are at home and so are you, don’t let them treat every day as a holiday. Make them understand that they have a specific time to do their tasks just as they did when they were going to a preschool. So, let them wake up at the same time as they did on a regular school day, and have breakfast at the same time. Then you can set some easy lessons for them to follow while you do your housework. After completing their “school” they are free to do what they like. Keep changing the lesson plans every day; if it is math one day, the next day can be English. You will find all sorts of lesson plans and worksheets for your child to do online, based on his age and learning capacity. Print them out, and half of your job will be done by them.
  • Now that they can’t go out to play, your children especially small ones will get bored easily. If you have a backyard, let them out there to play for an hour or so every day so that they can spend their energy. If you don’t have space for them to go out, make household work a team effort. When you wash the dishes, let them clean it. If your child is interested in cooking, it is a great time to teach them how to bake simple things like cookies, or boil an egg, under your supervision of course. Cooking time can be turned into a math lesson as they learn to measure things!
  • Most of the Daycare Torrance CA will give the parents a summary of their curriculum at the start of the year; if you haven’t got one, try contacting your child’s teacher or school contact person. Most will be eager to help. Follow that curriculum while finalizing a schedule of studies for your pre-schooler. That way, when the schools open again, he or she can easily adjust to it.
  • Creative DIY is a great way to spend the lockdown with your pre-schooler. So, if you can go out, stock up on your art supplies. Make age-appropriate crafts at least once a week with your child. Such activities will not only bring the family together but also nurture your child’s creative side.
These are just some of the ways you can keep your pre-schooler busy while his or her day care remains closed due to this lockdown. Who knows, this beautiful time you spend together will become the most memorable time of his or her childhood.