New Year Cookie Ideas for Kids

As the clock ticks towards a brand-new year, why not welcome it with a sprinkle of sweetness? Delight the little ones with these fun and scrumptious New Year cookie ideas that are not only delicious but also easy to create together. Here, our Child Care Palos Verdes Estates, CA, team has mentioned some cookie ideas for you.

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Countdown Cookie Pops

Transform the excitement of counting down to the New Year into an edible delight with Countdown Cookie Pops. Start by baking simple sugar cookies in the shape of numbers, either using number-shaped cookie cutters or by freehand cutting the dough. Once the cookies are baked and cooled, insert popsicle sticks into each one, creating edible countdown pops. Decorate the cookies with colorful icing, sprinkles, and edible glitter. Encourage the kids to enjoy a countdown treat, starting at 10 and ending with a delicious bite as the clock strikes midnight.

Confetti Explosion Cookies

Capture the festive spirit of New Year's Eve with Confetti Explosion Cookies. Begin by baking your favorite sugar cookie or shortbread recipe. Once the cookies are baked and cooled, cut out circles using a round cookie cutter. Prepare royal icing in bright and vibrant colors. Allow the kids to unleash their creativity by spreading the icing on the cookies and decorating them with colorful sprinkles, edible confetti, and even edible gold stars. The result? A delightful explosion of colors and flavors mirrors the joyous moment the clock strikes midnight.

Firework Fondant Stars

Create a dazzling display of edible fireworks with Firework Fondant Stars. Begin by baking star-shaped sugar cookies. Once the cookies are cooled, cover each one with a layer of smooth, brightly colored fondant. Allow the kids to cut out small star shapes from a different colored fondant and gently press them onto the cookies. The overlapping star shapes will create a stunning 3D effect, reminiscent of a burst of fireworks. This activity not only results in delicious cookies but also allows for a bit of edible artistry.

Midnight Moon Pie Sandwiches

Craft delicious Midnight Moon Pie Sandwiches for a sweet twist on the classic moon pie treat. Begin by baking soft, round cookies using a simple cookie recipe. Once the cookies are cooled, spread a layer of marshmallow fluff on the bottom side of one cookie and sandwich it with another cookie. Dip the assembled moon pie sandwich into melted chocolate, allowing it to set before serving. The result is a delightful combination of cookies, marshmallows, and chocolate—a perfect treat to enjoy as the clock strikes midnight.


Our Daycare Palos Verdes Estates, CA, team says that these New Year cookie ideas for kids are not only delightful to the taste buds but also offer a creative and engaging way to celebrate the arrival of a fresh and sweet year. Whether counting down with cookie pops or decorating edible fireworks, these treats are sure to add a sprinkle of joy to your New Year celebration.