How you can protect your child from violence?

Child abuse can happen anywhere in your family or neighborhood. As parents, it is your responsibility to protect your child from any kind of abuse and violence. Data show that globally, up to 1 billion children aged 2–17 have experienced sexual, physical, or emotional violence or neglect in the past year. Now you can see that the data shows child abuse has crossed all the limits. Here at Child Care Palos Verdes Estates, CA , the team has mentioned some crucial points that will help you know how you can stop this and prevent your child from experiencing violence.

Read it out carefully:

Teach children their rights

Every child must understand their right to safety. It will help them to protect themselves from any kind of child abuse and violence, and if they notice any kind of violence, they will report an offender to a concerned person.

Always take a break

If you are pissed off or frustrated with the daily household chores and feeling emotionally and physically weak, don’t be angry; just take a break for some time. It is a must to find someone to talk to or watch your kids while you take a walk, but don’t get violent in front of them. If you are concerned that you might hit your child, call a hotline for child abuse prevention.

Support prevention programs

Most of the time, involvement occurs only after abuse is reported. Some kids are never exposed to it and complain about the violence, and some kids avoid it out of fear. So we need great investments in the programs that have been proven to stop the abuse before it occurs, like home visits and family counseling by nurses who offer assistance for the parents and newborns.

Discipline your children thoughtfully

Discipline is very crucial to doing or understanding anything. So remember that you should never discipline your child when you are upset. Take your time to calm down because anger is never good for anyone. Discipline is a way to teach your baby. Use rights to motivate good behavior and time-outs to assist your child in regaining control.


These are some tips that will help you protect your child from any kind of abuse. The DayCare Palos Verdes Estates team suggests that you always keep updated on the new laws and acts against child violence. Also, as parents, it is your responsibility to know about the outside world. So try to get involved with other parents in your community. Try to help vulnerable children and their families. It will help you protect your child from any kind of abuse or violence.