Palos Verdes Montessori Academy recognizes that the Fine Arts and physical fitness programs contribute to a healthier and stronger mind and body! Enrichment classes are included in our weekly curriculum at NO extra charge!
Palos Verdes Montessori


Our weekly music class is uplifting for children as well as calming, soothing, and comforting. Children learn rhythm, melody, and harmony while developing listening and memory skills. The children extend their vocabulary, which helps them to learn new languages and the meaning of words.

Palos Verdes Preschool


Hip Hop dance is a fun and high energy class that gets the children grooving to upbeat music. This class introduces them to basic and advanced Hip Hop and other dance moves and techniques. Hip Hop is one of the most popular dance styles around the world. Dance inspires creativity & free expression while uniting cultures and generations.

Palos Verdes Infant Day Care


Children are introduced to ballet techniques and exercises, and they learn how to follow directions. The children learn basic vocabulary and ways of improving alignment & posture through ballet exercises to build balance, strength, coordination, and poise in a nurturing environment.

Private Kindergarten in Palos Verdes


All students begin their day with yoga or a fitness class. Yoga teaches the children calming techniques for self-health, relaxation, and focus and develops self-confidence and fitness to promote growth and development. Both yoga and fitness classes help children with their flexibility.

Palos Verdes Montessori Academy


Our weekly fun classes not only teach the ABCs of soccer - Agility, Balance, and Coordination but also teach teamwork and perseverance. Children are introduced to basic soccer skills, such as dribbling and kicking, and games that will lead them to skills and not "drills."