Common Autumn Health Problems Of Kids

The season change is every mother’s worst nightmare as she tries to keep her child away from sickness and illness. It is beautiful to see the seasons change and nature goes through a multitude of changes. But season changes can be a nightmare for the mother because children often get sick during this time. Children generally have low immunity and they cannot get accustomed to this change easily says a daycare expert. Catching cold and falling sick is one of the most common problems of the child during this season.

Autumn brings cooler and crisp fall air, beautiful falling leaves, and lots of fun outdoor activities for children. Preschool caregivers in Rancho Palos Verdes, CA, think that parents should take some extra care to keep their children in good health condition during this fall season. As school starts, the fall season starts. The cooler temperature and being around crowds all day encourage the spread of germs.

The four most common illnesses from which the children suffer most are – seasonal fever or influenza, Raynaud Syndrome, Seasonal Affective Disorder, and seasonal allergies.

Flu is the most common autumn illness among children and autumn is often called flu season. In most cases, the flu is a common and simple sickness that hampers normal daily work for three to four days. But, most pediatricians think that parents should take this illness seriously because in the United States of America 200 children died because of autumn influenza in 2018. The parent should give their children flu shots every six months to reduce the risk of this flue.

Raynaud syndrome is poor circulation of blood due to a sudden fall in temperature. If any children have heart or poor circulation problem, parents must take extra care of him or them. Be sure that he or she remains active so the blood circulates well and maintains the ideal body temperature.

Because of inadequate sunlight or a sudden drop in temperature, some children may grow seasonal affective disorder which is popularly known as ‘sad’. Gloomy, cold weather with cold long nights creates a feeling of unhappiness in children and contributes to poor physical health, boredom, and sadness. ‘Sad’ in children should be treated like any other mental illness with care and sensitivity.

Like flu, seasonal allergies are other common physical problems of children during this time. Because of high humidity and high pollen count, allergic reactions become very common among children. Children with asthma problems suffer the worst unless timely care is not taken. Wet leaves gather harmful bacteria and mold and if children who are allergic to mold spend time outdoor among leaves may trigger the problem. Children with asthma are the worst sufferer says a child physician in Rancho Palos Verdes, CA.

Children like to spend time among crisp colorful leaves. Other than the allergy, the dry leaves may injure a child. Dry leaves are very sharp and injurious for the children’s soft delicate skin. Not only that, bugs, spider frogs, and even snakes may hide in the pile of dried leaves. So be cautious before your children throw themselves on that pile of dry leaves. Restrict their outdoor activities and encourage them to spend time indoor during this fall season.