Board game ideas for kids

Kids are always interested in what is going on in their lives; they do not want to stop and stay in one place for an extended period. So when it comes to playing games, how can we choose something boring? Finding the best games for kids can be a very challenging task. So to make your choice for your child's board game easy, the Preschool Torrance, CA team has listed below some of the exciting games that will be loved by your kids.

Let's read them out clearly:


If you want a perfect blend of learning with a fun type of board game for your child, then the enlightening game of Scrabble can prove the best bet for you. Scrabble is the best board game for kids, and it's not only great fun; it also allows them to improve their vocabulary and sharpen their spelling. For this game, adults also need to be ready and aware as they constantly try to come up with new words to win the game and teach your child as well. If Scrabble is too advanced for your baby, you can try Scrabble Junior for your little munchkin. It has easy words, and it can prove the best way to introduce your child to this marvelous game.

Go Away Monster is a tactile game for young hands

To enjoy this game, every single player needs a game board showing a bedroom scene and takes a turn reaching into a bag filled with cardboard pieces, selecting (by feel) either a bedroom item—a bed, a lamp, a teddy bear—or a friendly-looking monster. The objective is to add all the bedroom necessities to the game board, but if you grab a monster, you have to yell, "Go away, monster!"

It is a great choice for kids because there is a lot of tactile activity going on and decisions must be made based on what is felt. The game improves memory, fine motor skills, shape recognition, turn-taking, and rule-following in children. Children must also refrain from peeping into the bag. No one loses because the game doesn't end until every player has finished their bedrooms.

Roll and play

Roll and Play can prove the perfect game for your child to follow the rules and take turns. This is not a winner-or-loser game; it is just about getting moving and getting silly. Ask your infant to toss the large plush dice while you shout out the color it lands on to play this game. Then, pick a card with the same color and complete the activity on it. These are straightforward tasks like "find something red," "bark like a dog," "give one hug," or "sing a song," but they all assist a range of learning areas suitable for this age group.


These are the three main board games your child will enjoy. The Montessori Torrance, CA, suggests that you always keep engaging your child in different kinds of activities to develop their motor skills.