6 Safe Sleeping Tips For Kids

It is quite natural for parents of infants to keep on checking their kids at night to make sure they are sleeping in a safe position and everything is fine with them. To make sure your kids are sleeping safely, you can follow some simple and effective safe sleeping steps shared below by the caregivers of Montessori Torrance, CA to minimize the risk of any unexpected situation or fatal sleeping accidents like SUDI (sudden unexpected death in infancy) and SIDS (sudden infant death syndromes).

Safe sleeping steps to reduce the risk of SUDI and SIDS are as follows :

Let babies sleep on their backs.
This is considered to be the safest sleeping position for kids. Sleeping on their sides or tummies can lead to some fatal sleeping accidents like SUDI and SIDS. Once your baby starts rolling over (at around 4 to 6 months), let him find his sleeping position.

Use a firm sleeping surface.
You should invest in a crib, bassinet, or a cot with all the standard safety features along with a tight-fitting firm mattress and fitted sheet design for that particular product. You should not put any extra items like bumper pads, pillows, ship skins, blankets, or any toys in the baby cot when he is sleeping in it. In Montessori Torrance, CA, caregivers always make sure that the sleeping surface is not indented when the baby is lying on it.

Babies' heads or faces should not get covered while they are sleeping.
You need to put your sleeping baby lowdown in the cot, so that his feet are placed just near the bottom end of the cot. Tightly and securely tuck the bed sheet under the mattress to make sure they don't cover your baby’s head or face. Instead of using blankets, you can use infant sleeping bags with a fitted neck and armholes but not a hood.

Babies should not sleep on a couch or makeshift bedding.
Sleeping on a couch with or without someone else is very dangerous for kids. They should not be allowed to sleep on makeshift bedding also as this may lead to certain situations where your baby might get wedged between a mattress and a wall, stuck between pillows or cushions or sleeping down until his head is covered by blankets.

Dress your baby in warm clothes.
You must be surprised to know that overheating can lead to SUDI and fatal sleeping accidents. So caregivers in Daycare Torrance CA let babies wear warm clothes and keep their head uncovered, this makes them feel comfortable while sleeping.

Room sharing
Place your baby’s cot in your room at least for the first 6 to 12 months.Room sharing is a better idea than co-sleeping, as it can reduce the risk of SIDS. Moreover, room sharing will make it easier for you to feed, comfort, and watch your baby at night.
Besides following all the safe sleeping tips you need to be always watchful about your baby’s sleeping positions and sleeping area. Being careful and observant is of prime importance.