Why You Should Visit The Zoo With Your Kids

Children love to watch animals outside their cartoons. A trip to the zoo offers them the opportunity to give life to their imagination and build an emotional connection with animals. You would be surprised to know that visiting a zoo offers so many incredible learning opportunities for kids. Montessori Rancho Palos Verdes, CA teachers take preschoolers to the zoo as they feel a field trip to the zoo is a great way to teach them about different animals. The whole experience of vising a zoo is an interactive one that helps in increasing their imagination and creativity.

There are many other educational benefits of vising a zoo with your kids.

Enhanced Language Development

As children walk around the zoo and see different animals in their specific habitat, they are exposed to many new words and concepts. It also encourages healthy conversations between parents, children, and siblings. While walking around the zoo, it is very important to label every animal and ask questions. This will increase their vocabulary and comprehension skills.

Develop Empathy for Animals

A field trip to the zoo provides children with the opportunity to see different animals in their natural environment. This also helps children understand that animals are living beings and they also have certain needs to survive. This understanding leads children to develop compassion and empathy for them.

Promotes Family Bonding

Many kids from Day-care Rancho Palos Verdes, CA go to the zoo with their whole family as visiting a zoo is a great way to spend a whole day together as a family. Just plan and pack some food and enjoy the whole day together. This will strengthen the relationship between parents and children.

Increases Environmental Awareness

By visiting a zoo children get an idea about the environment that animals need to survive. They begin to understand the importance of protecting our environment to keep the homes of animals safe and secure. They become much aware of conserving our mother nature to maintain the balance of our ecosystem.

Hands-on Experience

Some zoos have special areas where kids can touch, and play with animals. This hands-on experience is very helpful for them to learn about animals and their needs.

Increase Academic Knowledge

Montessori Rancho Palos Verdes, CA teachers take preschoolers to the zoo as children get a great amount of knowledge by visiting the zoo. They learn how animals smell, how they make different sounds and the way they feel and look like. All these give children a multi-sensory approach to learning. In zoos, children can have real-life experience of what they have been reading in their storybooks.

Some useful tips you can follow to have a great time in the zoo :
  • Before planning your trip to the zoo please look at the weather forecast. It is better not to visit a zoo on a hot or rainy day.
  • Planning your trip on a weak day is advisable to avoid the extra crowd that accumulates on holidays or weekends.
  • Please carry water bottles, sanitizers, sunscreen lotions, and some tissue paper.