Food you should offer your child during cold and cough

If you are a parent, you understand that dealing with your sick child is not an easy task. You need to give proper care during this time and maybe take a leave from your office work. Colds and coughs are very common in kids, and most parents are worried about what is giving them the cold. Viral makes them lazy and they don’t take an interest in any activity and deny eating any food. Here are some tips from Childcare Rolling Hills, CA, experts on what to give your child during a cold and cough.

Read carefully; it is about baby health.

Breast milk

Breast milk is recommended by health experts. It helps children of all ages develop strong immunity and fight viral infections. It has the power to get the child well soon and is the only source of nutrition.

Hot tea

No matter what you choose, green, black, or regular tea, It is the best liquid to offer your child. Tea is a rich antioxidant that soothes your sore throat and liquefies mucus in your nose and clears the nasal passage. We must suggest you give chamomile tea a try; it has great anti-inflammatory and antibacterial properties. It helps the child sleep better and have strong immunity.


It depends on your child, like vegetarian and non-vegetarian. Soup is the best choice for a stuffed nose; it will soothe your throat and relieve congestion. When you choose a vegetable soup, it will be easy to digest and will give relief to your throat. Tomato soup can be the right choice it is filled with vitamin C, and it is tasty and healthy as well.


Broccoli is a rich antioxidant; it can be the right choice for combating infections. It energizes the child's body and strengthens the immune system. Also, you can make broccoli soup or puree for your loved one to feel better.

Hot Chocolate

We probably have one remedy on this list that every child will like to consume. Yes! It is hot chocolate to cure it. Cocoa contains flavonoids, and dark cocoa contains antioxidants, it is almost 2 to 3 times better than green tea. Also, you can add some cinnamon powder to the drink.


Apples are easily digestible foods. If your child is suffering from a cold and cough give them applesauce. It can easily fill your baby's tummy and handle everything more complex. You must try this for babies. Final thought

When your child is sick, you need to pay proper attention to them. Don’t depend totally on food. Also, give them the right medication to get well soon. At Daycare Rolling Hills, CA, it becomes very hectic to deal with a sick child. That is why we have an expert to better cure and always give the children a safe environment. If you are looking for the same, you can connect with us or book a consultation with our team of professionals.